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Destination: A High-Performance Health Plan

  • Largest Chevrolet dealer in the U.S.
  • 20 dealerships located throughout Florida, Oklahoma and Texas
  • 1,800 full-time employees
the challenge

Classic Auto Group was experiencing annual increases of 30% from traditional insurance carriers.

In 2015, they realized that if they didn’t make a change, they wouldn’t be able to offer healthcare to their employees by 2018.

“At that point, our only way forward was to make the deductibles more and more unaffordable. We were about stretched to the limit of what we thought an employee could ever afford.”Bently Durant, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel

Classic Auto Group dove into researching options for how to structure a more affordable health plan. They looked into reference-based pricing and a core principle stuck out for Durant—in healthcare, just like when car shopping, the best to time to negotiate is before you buy.

The company moved to a self-funded health plan with reference-based pricing and expectations were high. Unfortunately, their first reference-based pricing provider didn’t get the job done.

“The calls weren’t made, and the negotiations never happened, and the claims went unpaid. Everyone was unhappy.”

Bently Durant

More savings, more benefits

With reference-based pricing, your business can turn your health plan into a hiring and retention asset versus an employee pain point.

the solution
That’s when Classic Auto knew they had to try out what was known as the best solution in the marketplace. They asked Imagine360 to come in and present.

“Once I learned more about Imagine360, I was convinced it was the most developed product out there.”

Imagine360 offers a total health plan solution, with reference-based pricing built in and access to provider contracts through Imagine Health. The direct partnerships with more than a dozen health systems across the nation are a benefit that’s very popular with Classic Auto’s employees.

“They walk into a provider partner and everything goes smoothly from that point,” said Durant.


Classic Auto’s move to Imagine360 delivered the savings and satisfaction they were looking for


savings in healthcare costs versus traditional carriers

3 Years

with no cost increases


lower out-of-pocket costs through provider partners

Big Wins for Classic Auto

  • Improved overall benefits package

  • Flexible plan designs that incentivize desired behaviors

  • No increase in member co-pays or deductibles

  • Enhanced member services and protection

the experience
The enhanced member support and guidance that Imagine360 delivers is another game-changer for Classic Auto.

With Imagine360’s care navigation services, Classic Auto can structure their benefits so members have someone available to help them make an informed decision that is financially beneficial for both the member and the dealership.

“The concierge navigation services on the front and back ends make a tremendous difference, and with our first carrier we were getting neither.”

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“We had the complaints, we had a year of experience, and when Imagine360 came in to present, I was convinced it was the most developed product out there,” said Durant.

the bottom line

In the auto dealer industry, it’s all about units sold. Classic Auto has saved about $3.2 million with Imagine360, or the equivalent of 3,194 car sales.*

That level of success has made Durant a big fan of Imagine360.

“I think Imagine360 is the most solid solution available. They know how to get it done. I don’t know if it’s processes or expertise or relationships built over time, but they know how to get it done, and they do.”

*Proposed fully insured and assuming 7% trend and based on industry average of $1,000 profit per car/unit sold.
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