Frisch’s Restaurants

Serving up a better healthcare experience.

  • 650+ covered employees
  • Founded in 1905 in Cincinnati, OH
  • 87 locations
the challenge

A period of steady growth halted by the pandemic.

Frisch’s Restaurants has held a strong and historical place in the Midwest since its founding in 1905. Over the decades, the company grew steadily — expanding throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. With almost 500 employees across 87 locations, Frisch’s had a self-insured health plan with a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) option.

Then came 2020 and, with it, COVID-19 and its dramatic impact on the restaurant industry. The financial drought of the pandemic was unlike any challenge the company had experienced.

According to Terry McQuery, HR Director of Total Rewards for Frisch’s, “We had investigated reference-based pricing [RBP] a few years earlier, but the financial motivation wasn’t there. Once 2020 and COVID hit, we took another look.” Frisch’s was not alone. The restaurant industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic and the National Restaurant Association estimates that roughly 80,000 businesses closed.

“Imagine360 has helped us retain employees. Our employees realize that by going to other organizations, they would be paying a lot more for their care. This type of benefit is definitely kept top of mind for them.”

Terry McQuery, HR Director of Total Rewards, Frisch’s Restaurants Inc.

the solution

Checking all the right boxes: concierge-level support for all.

“Our decision to change plans was driven by cost and our desire to still have great benefits available to our employees that were affordable,” says McQuery.

Imagine360’s full-service solution checked all the important boxes that Frisch’s was looking for in addition to sustainable cost savings, including concierge-level support for members and comprehensive plan administration. And since the solution has RBP built in, members and the plan are protected against inflated and variable healthcare prices. RBP uses cost and Medicare data to determine a fair price for care, instead of discounting an arbitrary chargemaster price as PPOs do. All of this adds up to big savings and satisfaction for Frisch’s and its employees.

“Imagine360 engages with providers, which has really helped with doctor visits. Between the customer service and medical management, our employees get a lot of assistance that gets them to the highest level of care for their medical needs,” says McQuery.


“$1 million in savings in the first year. We hit our goal and continue to save.”

  • No premium increases for employees

  • 37% savings compared to a PPO

  • $1 million savings in year one

Since implementing Imagine360 in 2021, Frisch’s has continued to offer the same level of benefits to their employees without any contribution increases, and McQuery is happy to talk about the results. “Imagine360 has delivered as anticipated,” says McQuery. “Our finance team has watched performance closely, and it’s been very well received.”

the experience

Customized rollout — made to order

McQuery is part of a small team managing HR at Frisch’s, so her ongoing positive experience with Imagine360 is instrumental in their successs. She says the employee communication component is critical, and Imagine360 delivers.

Imagine360 tailored training and resources in a way that fit the models unique to the restaurant business, such as multiple locations, irregular hours and a varied managerial structure. “The Imagine360 team was instrumental in our successful communication,” says McQuery. “They provided written materials, had phone meetings during regular and evening hours, gave town hall presentations, and made virtual training available so our employees could attend from home or during their break times.”

McQuery also works closely with her employee relations partners and Frisch’s marketing team to regularly share information about the health plan and provide follow-ups and reminders. “Our employees know, going in, how the plan is structured and how they can maximize their coverage by receiving care from a provider partner,” says McQuery.

Large, partial logo for Imagine360, a self-funded health plan solution for employers

“Right from the start, Imagine360 was very customized to us — supporting the way we operate and the way we communicate with our team members. During the rollout of the plan and open enrollment meetings, our needs were always top of mind.”

the bottom line

A smooth and seamless transition.

“It’s been a very positive experience, especially on the financial side,” says McQuery. “Overall, Imagine360 is very customer- and participant-focused.”

Frisch’s was expecting to hear a lot of employee feedback about the plan change, but that hasn’t happened. According to McQuery, the transition of care was “very smooth and seamless.” Also, Imagine360’s care management team has been able to support employees who suffer from chronic pain with great success, adds McQuery. Support from licensed healthcare professionals is just one of the member-focused features included in the Imagine360 full-service health plan.

“Our needs are always top of mind with the Imagine360 team. They’re a true healthcare partner.”

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