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Get the #1 reference-based pricing solution in healthcare.

Whether you select Your Health Plan solution or add the leading reference-based pricing solution to complement your existing self-funded health plan, you’re shielding employees from the high cost of healthcare and reducing expenses for your business. With RBP’s added control and overcharge protection, you can experience deep cost savings of up to 30%.


Built to protect and save

Every day, employers are faced with unfair healthcare charges — like an inflated $1,528 bill for a CT scan that should only cost $150. See how reference-based pricing helps you take back control and protect members from rising healthcare costs. Speak with an expert.

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Price protection enhanced with AI

Employers have trusted our leading reference-based pricing solution since 2007 and we have helped them save over $1 billion compared to traditional PPOs. The solution has continuously evolved to improve member experiences. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is incorporated to proactively:

  • Guide members to quality providers who work well with their health plan

  • Identify and mitigate potential billing issues before they occur

  • Resolve claims more effectively and preserve savings


“Before reference-based pricing with Imagine360, we were scraping for pennies and trying to figure out how to do a presentation to a group of employees and have them leave with a smile even though we were increasing their premiums by 10 to 15%.”

— Nick Porter, Vice President,
Total Rewards Signature HealthCARE

“We appreciate Imagine360 being there through this whole process. It’s been a relief to have someone who knows the ins and outs of medical billing … I appreciate you checking in as frequently as you have.”

— Steven R., Member

“The impact of Imagine360 on our organization has been huge. We get very positive feedback from our employees, and our goal is to continue sharing the cost savings.”

— Kathleen Merkel, Director of Human Resources,
Chelsea Senior Living

“Savings for employees has been a big deal for us. Employees see the savings and tell me how happy they are. We wanted to manage our costs by dealing with the actual claims cost, not just tinkering with the employee premiums.”

— Karlie Stellmon, Director of Health and Wellness,
Tosh Inc.

Optimize the performance of your self-funded health plan

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Lower your costs for care today

See how easy it can be to get the self-funded health plan you’ve always imagined.

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