Self-funded health plan: employer guide

Strengthen your self-funded health plan strategy.

Discover four steps you can take to optimize the performance of your self-funded health insurance. In this informative guide for self-funded employers, you’ll learn how to:

  • Assess the performance of your self-funded employer health plan

  • Take control of your group claims strategy

  • Evaluate other self-funded health plan components

  • Improve your employees’ engagement with their health insurance

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Who needs this guide?

Any self-funded company that manages their employer health insurance, is searching for new strategies to optimize their self-insured medical plans, and wants to save on healthcare.

What’s inside?

Brokers will find three steps to improving a self-funded health insurance strategy. Plus, a side-by-side comparison of traditional ASOs versus independent TPAs, specific to self-funded health plans.

Who created this?

The health insurance experts at Imagine360, an experienced provider of self-funded health plan solutions that include reference-based pricing, complete member support and cost savings built in.

Your self-funded health plan can do better. Imagine that.

This helpful guide is the first step to creating an employer health plan experience that surrounds you, your workforce and their families with service, support and savings.

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Your health plan can do better. We promise.

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