TÜV SÜD America

Destination: A High-Performance Health Plan

  • U.S. subsidiary of international testing, inspection & certification company
  • 15 locations nationwide
  • 1,000+ locations worldwide
  • 823 U.S. employees
the challenge

Like most companies, TÜV SÜD (Technical Inspection Association, South) had seen the annual cost of healthcare skyrocket for its U.S.-based employees. 

The cost of a fully insured plan “was getting unaffordable,” says company financial executive Jason Hamelin.

“Healthcare is the second largest expense for our organization, and it was important to control costs while at the same time provide competitive benefits for our employees.”Jason Hamelin, Senior Financial Executive of TÜV SÜD America

At that point, the company’s broker began to help look for an alternative. They researched reference-based pricing (RBP) and found the savings potential with the solution to be impressive. They first used a RBP solution offered by a small, local third-party administrator (TPA). But it did “not work well from a service or a disruption standpoint,” says Hamelin. The company kept looking for a solution that would offer a better structure and  better service. 

the solution
Once the company chose Imagine360, it knew it had found a better solution to both rising costs and spotty service.

Imagine360 offers a total health plan solution with RBP built in and contracts with health providers throughout the nation. Just as important to the company is the personalized member support its employees now have. The company also saw improvements in its stop-loss liabilities, as well as the stress that comes with negotiating disputes with healthcare providers.

“Employees have appreciated the top-level service they receive.”


The decision by TÜV SÜD America to switch to Imagine360 gave it both the cost savings and strong support it was looking for


lower healthcare costs than with PPO*

5 Years

with no cost increases on employee contributions


in healthcare savings between 2018 and 2021

With the savings the company achieved, it was able to provide employees with:

  • Reduced employee family contribution by $6,000 annually

  • Contributed $1,000 to employee HSA Accounts

  • Wellness plan

  • More beneficial prescription drug program

the experience
The enhanced member support that distinguishes Imagine360 has been a key benefit for TÜV SÜD.

Imagine360’s care navigation team means company employees always have someone available to help them make care decisions or resolve a billing issue. From the day an employee receives a balance bill from a healthcare provider, Imagine360 “handles all communication throughout the entire process” — with the employee responsible only for sharing documentation. Whether claims are resolved very quickly or take up to a year to resolve, “they stick with the claim until the end,” says Hamelin.

Large, partial logo for Imagine360, a self-funded health plan solution for employers

“What impressed me most is the level of service. They took the stress out of the process for the employee and completely managed the difficult conversation with the provider. They really do what they say.”

the bottom line

For more than 150 years, TÜV SÜD has won the trust of its clients by inspecting, testing and certifying their technology investments and protecting them from technology-related risks.

When they needed to contain their healthcare costs, they sought an equally reliable and trustworthy partner. When their first partner didn’t deliver, TÜV SÜD made the switch to Imagine360 with impressive financial results and a better support team for their employees. That has made Hamelin secure in the belief that the company made the right health plan decision.

“If you want to regain control of your healthcare costs and be able to better plan cashflow, then contact Imagine360. They really do look out for the best financial interest of the employee and the company.”

*Compared to the market average
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