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Meet Stephanie

  • Stephanie Koch has been a human resources practitioner for 25+ years.
  • In 2016, she started re-thinking what HR and the right health plan could do for her employer and employees alike.
  • After experiencing the significant financial savings and better employee support, she hasn’t looked back.

For 15+ years, I hit the EASY button accepting that our healthcare costs were increasing.

Now, we customize our healthcare plan to make it better for employees year after year.“

“Most engaged employer in healthcare” from the Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value


Part 1: The Traditional Carriers

Now a champion of reference-based pricing and self-funded healthcare, Stephanie started out her HR career like most young professionals. She quickly became used to working with healthcare plans through major providers like Blue Cross, Blue Shield, United Health Group, Cigna, and Aetna (BUCAs).

“In 2016, we were doing all the things that the carrier and broker suggested we do. We were still faced with an 18% increase.”

“I didn’t know any different. I thought that was the norm.”

As time went on, rising healthcare costs never seemed to reach a peak. Not even cost-containment strategies directly from carriers and brokers were stopping the constant price hikes.

Stephanie and her team attempted to substantiate the increase, but with little to no visibility provided by their traditional carrier, it proved to be a major challenge.

It was at that point that they decided to try something new and move away from fully-insured BUCA plans into the self-funded healthcare space:

“I wasn’t experienced with self-funding or health plans that had reference-based pricing built in, but we jumped in with both feet.

That was the turning point for me.”


Part 2: A Whole New World

It was at this point that Stephanie and her team found Imagine360. A full-service health plan provider with RBP built in, we worked with Stephanie to help her reimagine what healthcare could be.

“Imagine360 changed the trajectory of our program.”

With transparent data reporting, Stephanie and her team built a true healthcare strategy for their employees that worked, and worked well.

$21 million +

Saved since 2019


Surplus in 2021

Expanded Employee Services

With the savings, Stephanie and the leadership team have pioneered healthcare programs. And, with visible healthcare data, the programs they put in place are truly meaningful to Hendry Marine employees.

In 2022, one major piece of data stood out: only 15% of members were using preventative wellness benefits.

In response, Stephanie and her team brought in an on-site mobile clinic to encourage preventative care.

Only 15% of members were using preventative wellness benefits.


Since implementing the Walk-on-Clinic, the results have been game-changing for employee health:

  • By the end of May 2022, Hendry Marine surpassed preventative wellness benefit utilization for all of 2021.

  • One employee received a live-sustaining diagnosis for Type II Diabetes

  • Another employee was diagnosed with Cancer after the examination of a lump in his neck

Today the clinic is often used as a primary care physician’s office for workers, providing direct, invaluable care daily.

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If you’re ready to reimagine healthcare for your company, deliver savings for the business and employees, and provide a better level of service than ever before, contact us today!

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