Put hiring into overdrive with better benefits.

Solve your auto dealership’s recruitment challenges by switching your health insurance. With Imagine360, you can:

  • Lower healthcare spend by up to 30% — saving millions in the process

  • Take your savings and reinvest it back into your dealership

  • Attract and retain staff with bigger salaries, improved benefits and more perks

This renewal season, let Imagine360 work with you and your broker to optimize your healthcare strategy so you can give employees what they want — better benefits.

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leading the charge for affordable healthcare


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“I think Imagine360 is the most solid solution available. They know how to get it done.”
— Bently Durant, Classic Auto

After making the switch to Imagine360, Classic Auto saved $3.2 million on healthcare — that’s like selling 3,194 cars! — and cut their employees’ out-of-pocket spend by 50%.

Bently Durant

Turn healthcare into a powerful recruitment tool

In today’s competitive labor market, you need every advantage possible to retain and attract employees. That includes offering affordable, high-quality healthcare from Imagine360.

Deliver deep savings

Most companies save 20-30%, which leads to lower out-of-pocket costs and more money going to employees instead of healthcare.

Protect from healthcare overcharges

Using reference-based pricing, Imagine360 protects your employees from skyrocketing costs and unfair charges.

Provide personalized, proactive support

With Imagine360, your employees have a new team of allies on their side, guiding them through every step of their healthcare journey.


Remain competitive by rethinking your healthcare strategy

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