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Choose a health plan that puts your trucking employees first.

At Imagine360, we’ve designed a solution that’s made for the trucking industry. We can:

  • Help you contain costs for your company

  • Lower deductibles and out-of-pocket spend for your employees

  • Provide concierge-level support even when employees are on the road

15 Years

leading the charge for affordable healthcare


in combined healthcare savings for clients




Finally, healthcare is a business expense you can control

You can’t control gas prices, supply chain issues or a challenging labor market. But you can take charge of healthcare with Imagine360. Watch the video to see how it works.

Take care of your employees and your trucking business

In today’s competitive labor market, you need every advantage possible to retain and attract drivers. That includes affordable, high-quality healthcare from Imagine360.

Protect employees from high costs

Using reference-based pricing, Imagine360 protects your employees from skyrocketing healthcare costs. Even when they’re seeing providers on the road.

Provide personalized, proactive support to members

Our team guides employees to affordable care, no matter where they are. We also proactively resolve billing issues and provide access to nurses to help with ongoing health conditions.

Achieve deep savings for your company and employees

Lower employee OOP costs. And cut healthcare spend for your company by up to 30%. You can use those savings to increase salaries, bonuses and benefits.


Build a health plan strategy that’s tailor-made for trucking.

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