C-Suite Survey on Health Plan

C-Suite Survey on Health Plan Broker Relationships & Cost-Containment Strategies

The Results are In

Conducted by Imagine360 in collaboration with BenefitsPRO, a survey of executives generated interesting feedback on their relationships with health plan brokers and the cost-containment strategies they bring to the table.

The good news? The survey shows a consensus that most brokers have established solid connections with executives in the C-suite. But it’s not all roses.

In this overview, we’re sharing the top highlights of the survey results for brokers who are ready to strengthen their ties with the business leaders who rely on them.

About the Survey & Key Findings

We surveyed approximately 100 executives. Among the respondents, 73% were finance executives and 27% held other C-suite positions. More than half of the responses (57.5%) came from executives with employee populations under 2,000. Topics explored in our survey included broker satisfaction, communication frequency and cost-containment effectiveness.

Key Survey Findings: The Broker Relationship

74.5% of executives surveyed would recommend their healthcare broker to others.

31% of executives surveyed believe their healthcare brokers are primarily concerned with their company’s best interests.

Among the executives who indicated they would not recommend their brokers (or were neutral about doing so), 50% said they met just annually or rarely/never.

Key Survey Findings: Plan Feedback & Potential Risks

Respondents were mixed about the value of their plan compared to its cost, with 47.5% reporting it was too expensive and 51.5% saying it was fairly priced.

50% of respondents did not see cost-containment savings from their broker’s recommendations.

65% of respondents want brokers to present new savings solutions like reference-based pricing.

Infographic: C-Suite Survey on Broker Relationships & Cost-Containment Strategies

Check out more highlights here and use these findings to help differentiate yourself from other brokers.

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Download the Full Survey Results

For even further insight into the dynamic between the C-suite, health plan brokers, and the cost-containment strategies they bring to the table, check out the full survey results or scan the QR Code with your phone to learn more.

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