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A health plan that cares as much as you do

Wouldn’t it be nice if your employer health plan worked as hard as you?
To protect employee wellness and productivity? To cut complexity, clutter and costs? To improve member experience — and yours, too?

Imagine360 understands

We developed a self-funded health plan solution that’s fixing today’s one-size-fits-none PPO insurance problems with powerful, customized solutions.

We take a different approach: putting control back in your hands and providing access to higher-quality care. For you, your employees and their families. With deep savings. And unwavering support. Imagine that.

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The healthcare dilemma

When it comes to healthcare, it’s getting harder and harder to do the right thing by your employees at the right price for your business. Each year, you face the daunting task of slicing and dicing options, trying to avoid that “spend more, get less” feeling.

Others give you:

  • Low-quality care
  • Escalating costs
  • Frustrating member experiences

But you need:

  • High-quality care
  • Significant savings that stick
  • Deeply supportive member experiences
Experience is the difference

People at the center

We believe the world doesn’t need another health plan. It needs a completely reimagined healthcare experience. One that provides peace of mind and true partnership throughout your journey. From this idea, a new health plan solution from three trusted innovators was born.

We created Your Health Plan, a self-funded health plan solution that’s customized for you and your employees. We want to make sure you get the most from your coverage with:

over costs

WIth reference-based pricing, our solution provides confidence that you’ve got healthcare price protection done right.

Unique 360-degree
member support

We’re always in your corner. There for you to answer clinical questions, direct members to the right care and advocate if you get an unexpected bill.

high-quality care

Through health systems and physician partnerships, members have the flexibility to see a provider of their choice.

Health insurance member smiles as he realizes the lower cost of his plan.

Experience it for yourself

Stop imagining how different your healthcare could be. Let our self-funded health plan experts design a solution around you, your employees and their families.

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Case Study

“Our healthcare is now in our own hands.”

See how this Texas car dealer took charge of its health plan, improved the member experience and saved 31% versus a traditional PPO plan.

Your health plan can do better. We promise.

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